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Seastone handcrafted jewellery is made from high-quality .925 sterling and .999 fine silver, Some pieces may include jewellery quality brass and copper. Please be aware that copper tarnishes easily and although lovely and sparkly on arrival will dull over time. You can give it a good rub with a silver cloth to retain some sparkle.

I only use genuine sea glass, which has been created over many years of tumbling in salt water waves. Because of its rarity, prices may vary from piece to piece depending on color, size, and shape. Please understand that some pieces may not be exactly replicated, as each piece of sea glass is one of a kind. 




Wear your Seastone jewellery with care. While I have tested my pieces and have found that they can more than withstand everyday use, normal wear and tear may take a toll over time. Avoid wearing jewellery in the water, and take care not to knock glass or stone against a hard surface. Silver can tarnish with everyday use; periodically rub with a jewellery polish cloth to restore shine. Brass and copper will also tarnish over time with exposure to air and skin oils. Gently scrub with a sponge and dish soap, or use a polish cloth.



I will require upfront payment for all custom orders.

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