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Genuine sea glass is washed up on beaches around the world. It comes from any object made from glass that has ended up in the ocean and over the years is tumbled by the waves and worn by rocks and sand to produce the frosted, rounded natural gems you find today.

Generally the more frosted, rounded and smooth the piece the longer it’s been in the sea; sometimes hundreds of years. There is such a variety of different colours too: many rare and old. 


Seastone sea glass is hand collected and sorted for jewellery quality. It is used in its raw state; as it’s found on the beach: no drilling or changing its shape to fit my needs. Because of this every piece of Seastone sea glass jewellery is completely unique: no one will ever have the same piece as you! 

Caring for your sea glass Jewellery

It is extremely important (particularly with rings) that you follow care guidelines given on the little card included with your order. if sea water or chlorine find their way in under your sea glass it can cause tarnish under the stone causing an undesired effect.

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